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Call Me Peter - if Guns N’Roses and Papa Roach had a baby.
After 7 years as a band, numerous concerts (all across Switzerland) and an EP release, Call Me Peter has now published its debut album “Of Sinners & Saints” as of December 2018.
Rough tones, grungy guitar riffs and heart-felt lyrics make this an album vital to every CD-collection. Equipped with a new album, a revamped logo and an additional guitarist the band is more than ready to show every concert goer what they’ve got!


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Produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Stalder @ Mastered by Christoph Beyerlein @
Cover by Janine Küffer @

Benjamin Renold
Baslerstrasse 22A

5200 Brugg
+41(0)79 888 33 73

About us:

Call Me Peter is a Swiss hard rock. They released their Debut Album “Of Sinners & Saints” on the 1st of December 2018. The Album reached the Swiss charts a week later.The band was originally founded by guitarist Andrea Scuderi in 2010. He was joined by lead vocalist David Urben in the same year. Drummer Ben Renold joined three years later in 2013 and bassist Remo van den Berg gave the group its finishing touch in 2015.
Some of the highlights of their career have included performing at the Feelgood Festival in Niedergösgen in 2015 and being finalists at the Rock Highway Contest in Zurich in 2016.

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Feelgood Festival 2015
Finalist: Rock Highway Contest 2016
Riverside Festival Aarburg 2019